Nov 7, 2009

This Months Dinner Menu
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New This Menu:

Well my friends, the menu change has been a hit! The two page format with one page of appetizers and light entree's along with several salads has been very much of a tasting menu for a lot of you. Thank you!!!

Main Entrees

Mediterranean Seafood Stew - Did you know Gary is half Portuguese? His Mom's family was from the beautiful Azores - an incredible tropical island that we will someday visit. His mom was also the kind of cook that could make mud-pies taste good. She taught me the benefit of Linguisa sausage and the role it plays in Portuguese cooking. Kind of like our bacon. The Linguisa renders its fat, and that is used to saute and other parts of the dish, gathering layer after layer of flavors. We are taking large prawns, cod fish and clams, sauteing them with Linguisa, tomatoes and white onions, finishing them with a great saffron stock and fresh fennel sauce, and serving with a mound of Basmati rice. Wonderful. So good sometimes it hurts.

Tortellini Ala Pana - Cheese filled tortellinis simmered in a Marsala wine sauce with sliced olives, bell peppers, Sopprasatta salami, and a bit of parmesan cheese, finished with a bit of cream to even it out. A very satisfying pasta dish from the old school, and one of Gary's favorite dishes.

Chicken Don-Don - Our Hot-Head Special this Month. Basically a peanut sauce gone wild. Barbara Tropp, author of a great book "China Moon Cafe" used to make this "table sauce" and add the extra chiles, ginger and garlic. We upped it one more. This is a "9" out of "10" for our Hot-Heads. Pan-sauteed chicken in a peanut-garlic-ginger sauce over rice with crispy rice noodles on top.

Thai Tuna Curry - Mike likes to fish. He likes to fish off the coast of San Diego. He likes to catch tuna. His wife doesn't like Mike to bring home the tuna. Mile brought the beautiful tuna into us. We are making this dish with a green Thai curry with chunks of potatoes, coconut and serving it with Basmati rice. A nice, even tempered curry, on a "5" scale.

Salmon Wellington - Fresh Pacific salmon filets topped with caramelized leeks and carrots, rubbed with French mustard and tarragon, wrapped in puff pastry and baked until golden. Served topped with a light Meyer lemon beurre blanc. Dee-lish!!!!

Short Ribs of Beef - Finally!!! Slow simmered meaty beef ribs served in their reduced juices over (Best!) polenta. This is a house pleasing dish, perfect for these colder days and nights. We love this part of the year.

Beef Stroganoff - Filet Mignon strips of beef, pan-seared with wild and domestic mushrooms in a rich sour cream and paprika sauce. Served with egg noodles. We should name this after Stephanie at the Shafsky House B & B, she asks us about this dish almost you go, Lady.

Appetizers, Small Plates and Light Entrees

Whoo-hoo! Our best girl-friend Sally steered me into this new region of smaller plates and things to try. She is my food conscious, the one in the white robe sitting on my right shoulder while I sit on my left shoulder - usually with red on and horns.....

Torta Rustica - This months version has a slight Latin bend to it: roasted butternut squash, roasted Pasilla chiles, black beans, corn, zucchini, and potatoes with Jack cheese, baked in individual puff pastry pies, and served topped with a rustic charred tomato, roasted red bell pepper and garlic "salsa". This is one we are all eating in the back room for dinner each night.

Market Pasta: Angel hair pasta, tossed with a bit of butter, fresh chopped Roma tomatoes, topped with our house-made pesto sauce. Simple, flavorful and to the point.
Ahi Tuna: Rare Ahi tuna, on a bed of baby greens, topped with an Italian infused Meyer lemon olive oil, served with a red chile aioli with toasts.

Salmon Cakes - Poached salmon mixed with roasted vegetables, herbs and bound together to form little cakes we saute until golden and crisp and top with top with a spicy aioli made with Chipotle chiles, oranges and garlic.

Salade Nicoise - Lightly Dijon dressed greens topped with steamed potatoes, hard cooked eggs, steamed French green beans, artichoke hearts, Roma tomatoes, caper and Nicoise olives then slices of charred rare Ahi Tuna......see picture above.....its delicious.....

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