Dec 8, 2009

This Months Menu High-Lights.....

New This Menu:

Main Entrees

Seafood Curry - Prawns, clams, scallops, and halibut in a green curry sauce with coconut milk, mixed minced vegetables and served with our Basmait rice. A Thai curry is not necessarily made with curry powder, but rather a mixture of chiles, herbs and spices. It is subtle in its heat, creeping up on you rather than screaming at you. We love these curry dishes, and they go fantastic with sparkling wines or beers. Rating on our heat scale 1 through 10= 8.

"Jerk" Pork - Our Hot-Head Special this Month. A "jerk" sauce is Jamaican in theory: but we take liberties.....a base of so many herbs and spices to combine to a great dish that we cook boneless pork in with chiles and tomatoes, serving with Basmati rice and topping with a lime/cilantro/sour cream that cools down this dish. ON our heat scale 1 through a hot 10 = 9!!
Lamb Shanks - Australian raised lamb shanks slow braised in red wine, herbs and North African spices, sprinkled with a "gremolata" made with toasted pecans, dried cranberries, fresh garlic, lemon zest and Italian parsley. These gremolatas are meant to permeate your smell when these ingredients hit the HOT dish out of the oven. They are used primarily in Osso Bucco, short ribs, and other great braised dishes.

Salmon Wellington - Fresh Pacific salmon filets topped with caramelized leeks and carrots, rubbed with French mustard and tarragon, wrapped in puff pastry and baked until golden. Served topped with a light Meyer lemon beurre blanc. Dee-lish!!!!

Flank Steak - Finally!!! A dish from our past: lean flank steak marinated in a soy, ginger, garlic, Marsala wine, orange and chile mix to flavor this dish that we char-broil to your specification. We are serving this cut with some of our pickled red onions. Almost a picnic.

Orecchiette - Mike W. asks for this every single month. His sisters ask for this dish. I love this dish. Gloria, my ex-stepmother, the Italian lady with the incredible ability to cook beautiful and simple dishes, taught me this rustic dish that the 'old' Italians used to make utilizing left over pasta, meats and bits of cheeses and vegetables. We are using ham, Pasilla peppers, fresh sage and Fontina cheese with the "little ears" pasta and cooking this dish almost like a crispy frittata, topping with a bit of fresh tomato salsa and some sour cream. This is a fun and additive dish.

Appetizers, Small Plates and Light Entrees

Chicken Torta Rustica - This months version is in honor of our winter nights that have finally hit us. Boneless chicken meat simmered with carrots, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and butternut squash in a rich cream broth in a puff pastry enclosure. This is pure comfort food at its best.

Market Pasta: Angel hair pasta, tossed with a bit of butter, fresh chopped Roma tomatoes, topped with our house-made pesto sauce. Simple, flavorful and to the point.
Polenta ala' Luna : Polenta made with Gorgonzola and Parmesan cheeses, cut into triangles, topped with a sun-dried tomato, mushroom and red wine 'ragout', topped with a bit more cheese and top broiled until golden and bubbly. I love winter foods......

Mexican Chorizo Dip - Locally made pork chorizo mixed with three kinds of cheeses, roasted Poblano chiles and wild mushrooms, served warm with corn tortilla chips.


This Months Recipe
Double Click on the recipe title for a PDF copy. Enjoy!

Gruyere Gourges

This is a great little appetizer, snack, addictive little morsel that you will love. This is a great item to have as an accompment with a glass of Champagne or Sparkling wine. It is celebratory. They are little cheese puffs, savory with spices and a bit of black pepper. And did I say addictive? Try them!

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