Oct 5, 2010

This Months Recipe
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Roasted Halibut with Orange & Avocado Salad and Salsa Lulu Sauce

Seafood: it has become such an expensive treat anymore, that you have to get the most out of each dish you cook. This dish shows the easy methods in which we cook fish: simple and quick, with the main criteria a hot clean saute pan. Presentation is beautiful: the "salsa" is kind of 'smeared' on the bottom of the plate, the halibut placed on top, and a hefty spoonful of the salad on top. Simple, and a great looking main course.

Don't be afraid of fish. It is easy to cook. Turn on your broiler or oven. Make sure everything is hot before you start your cooking. A clean, saute pan heated up (stainless steel is my favorite, but aluminum will work too), and then oiled up with just a bit of olive oil or butter or other oils will almost guarantee success.

Cooking fish is something that does not take a long time. Have all of your ingredients ready to go, your table set, and your friends ready to eat. This kind of fish cookery takes about 10 minutes, start to finish. The 'Salsa Lulu' is a great "keep on hand" type condiment that works well with many different dishes, just remember to have it hot and finished. The salad is a room temperature salad that you can just place on top when the fish is finished. This has a great "restaurant" look to it when presented. YOU will love this! Enjoy!

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