Apr 4, 2012

April 2012

Hello all of you Luna/tic Happy Campers...

Here we go again, into my favorite time of the year...everything is happening in our yard, in the grocery stores, the Farmers Markets are starting to get serious, and the chores keep looming....

Had a very serious birthday last month.  Six-oh.   I can finally get into the movies with a discount!  Was surprised with a whole lot of wonderful people that I love secretly showing up for a REAL SURPRISE PARTY that I had no idea what-so-ever about.  It was fun.  The hardest part was trying to talk when you are kind of over-whelmed with emotions. 

60.  The new 40?  Hell no.  60 is 60.  And this is where I am at.  Deal with it David.....

This month is our anniversary month at Cafe Luna.  On April 8, 1995, we opened for business.  We are now a 17 year old restaurant.  Gawd....how time and things have changed.

When we first opened up, we used to display some of the 'exotic' fruits and vegetables we were using:  Key Limes, Portabella Mushrooms, Crimini Mushrooms, Pasilla Chiles.....

Now?  These are part of the items you can find any day of the week in our local grocery stores. 

We started out way back then serving only French Roast Coffee.  At the time, some customers thought the coffee way to strong and dark.  We couldn't get it strong enough for our tastes.  Java City was our coffee supplier.  Still love their French Roast coffee beans. 

And we only used (still to this day) Kosher Salt on the tables.  Why people asked?  We would have a bit of iodized salt for people to taste next to the Kosher.  There is such a distinct 'chemical' taste to the iodized salt that the difference was huge, and we converted  many people on this one item alone.
And now, we have Maldon Salt flakes, sea salts, Himalayan salts, finishing salts, grey salt, pink salts....the list goes on and on.....

Why?  We have grown up on changing things and taking the time to do something that might just make a difference with our foods.  This is something that we are experiencing in our homes with seasonings, recipes, etc.  Its a good thing to evolve like this. 
Still playing around with our favorite things to eat, just throwing a new curve in every so often. 
Thus:  a new recipe is born every minute....


Here is a link to our new menu:

Cafe Luna Spring Menu

Don't forget all of you Gluten-Free people:  our menu is naturally low on gluten except for our pasta dishes.
Who'da thunk?  Gluten-Free in Placerville???

Enjoy our weather and our wines.... we live in a wonderful area...

Take care.
David at Cafe Luna

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