Feb 6, 2010

Hi All you Lunatics;

Here we are in February already.....the world is still in chaos, wondering when Obama-magic will happen, and most of all - looking forward to the first signs of spring that will be emerging soon....(damn Groundhog....)

Something very exciting (to me at least) I would like to talk to you about: Facebook. I know, I know...who wants to hear people telling your they read the newspaper, or walked their dog or finished drinking their coffee.....and then the "see ya later" part ......

Well. Mr. John Adams, our new head-chef guy, has shown me the light and how valuable this item can be. We have now been on-line with this social networking program for about a week hard-core now, and it has enormous potential to reach the WORLD!!! We are posting our nightly fresh seafoods and preparations, our
nightly specials, our soups of the day, and eventually will be posting our 'out-of-the-oven" desserts, and all the things we will not have printed on our monthly menu.

The response has been great, and on top of that to have the feed-back from you, our customers is incredible.
And instant......
That is the part that is so over-whelming to me.....how people read these little messages, and respond back or write us a little tid-bit of their own. And some of them our outright funny....and rude (my favorite I am afraid)!

I guess this is where I must learn that the COMPUTER IS MY FRIEND. Apparently there is more to it than me sending out this little letter each month. Who'da thunk?

So if you would like to link to this Facebook site with us, here it is:


New Faces Again: Gary and I used to own a restaurant in Coloma for many, many years. It was the Vineyard House. While there, a young girl used to come in and watch her sister work for us - because very few of you know this, but restaurant work is very glamorous. She would just wait for her sister, and watch and practice with her hands getting her imaginary tray balanced, her ability to recite the current menu and specials, and to flirt with the imaginary men who flirted with her. She was 14 at the time....
Then we sold the Vineyard House, and five years later we opened Cafe Luna (1995). She began working for us here when we opened, and continued for about six or seven years.

Well.....she is back. Richelle is back. She has been working for us for the last several weeks, and let me tell you, it is a very warm penny she brings to the table. And the surprising part? So many of you remember her from her first several years here and from the old restaurant (I envy this kind of memory from others: me? I can't find my socks....). Come in and say hello. We are so very happy to have her back. (oh by the way: what has she been doing? Well two more children, a husband and a new house....I will give her kudo's for staying busy.....)

Valentines Day Menu:
We will be open on Sunday, February 14 for Valentines Dinner. I will be posting the menu for all of you to check out. Make your reservations as soon as you can. We will be open from 4 PM to 8:30 PM.

New wines on the menu:

Amador Cellers 2007 Rocky Point Vineyard Zinfandel

2006 Trefethen Cabernet Sauvignon - Napa Valley

Duas Quintas "Douro" (Touriga grapes) - Portugal

Dillian Petite Sirah - Amador County

Hollys Hill Patriarche Blanc

Note: Gary is back from Mexico....tan, tan and more tan. And for some strange reason, reeking of tequila and guacamole.....go figure....His journey with our friends to Troncones, Mexico on the Pacific coast staying at our friends Debbie and Mike fabulous place Casa de La Sirena (double click the name to go to their web-site) was a success! They had a ball, sent me pictures, and brought me back some incredible "Day of the Dead" or in Spanish, "Dia de las Meurtos", a very big celebration that has small figurines of skeletons in different guises. I have been collecting them for several years, and so I guess if I don't get to go there, a great present softens the blow.....

Thank you for your business.

We are all excited about this new year. Changes here at Cafe Luna will be making things better, and more fun. We hope to see you all soon. We love seeing your faces, and miss seeing those we do not. Come in and say hello.
Drop me a line with an idea, or a suggestion and I will try to respond. It is a pen-pal situation here on the internet.....

Take care.

David at Cafe Luna

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