Mar 1, 2012

March 2012

March 2012

Hello All of you Luna/tics....

Sometimes I wish I wore a hat. You know - one of those Indiana Jones hats or the kind you see the Vietnamese farmers wearing.....I want this. For protection from the sun, and to make me feel 'cool' , and all this because I have this great HAT on. Nice Hat
I have a fat head. Big Head/Little Hat
Hats look like someone put a chair cushion on my head and told me to balance it on top until it falls off. And the funny part is they always ride above my ears and so - on top of it not fitting - I don't look 'cool' at all. ...more like that dorky guy who pretends to be an adventurer in the land of suburbia with a chair cushion on his head asking for directions....probably with a fried egg stuck somewhere in my hair...
But this is what I envision myself looking like when I work outside.
And it all starts this time of the year.

What is it about March that gets my Mojo working? My testosterone boiling, and my ability to see a weed in my garden a mile away? SPRING!!!

Getting into such a great groove of anticipating what is going to be happening with our weather, our soil and planning on whatever changes we are going to make is one of the items I get most excited about, especially now that we have decided not to ever grow tomatoes again. I am free of worrying about those damn tomato worms eating my plants bare in a days time. Ha! I will instead spend my time growing herbs and weirdo vegetables that I use a lot at home, and that I can't find better from the store or the Farmers Markets.
Free I tell you!!!
I remember my friend Michelle from Sleepy Hollow nursery (we miss that place) telling us how they would always sell twice as many tomatoes because of the fickle weather we experience: you know - those extremely Spring-like days in February and March that make a gardener just go out and plant their tomato plants, only to have a massive frost mid-March or April that would wipe out their baby plants. So she told us people would come back and buy the same tomatoes sometimes three times in one season, because WE MUST PLANT!!!
But me? I am free of the tomato bug!!!! I want to instead, plant Ghost Chiles' Ghost Chilijust to see if I can get them to grow. And maybe a new crop of Genovese Basil, chives and some of the new radishes we have eaten lately. Tomato-free!!! No head-aches. No anxiety. No having to kill those bugs that seem as big as my hand eating those damn plants. Not me. long as we are not overwhelmed with the attack of the Moles/Voles/Gophers, life will be good. If they tasted better we could eat them....but they don' we can't.....damn.

We have had a great couple of last months thinking about what matters in life. We (Gary and I) realize that we should be taking more time to just bop around and do the kind of things that make us goofy/happy. And that list is a long list.....
We find that the older we get: we love our friends. Every time we are with them, we wonder why we can't spend more time with them. Then we remember: we work. We spend many hours at our business and thus not enough time 'playing'.
I want to play more.
Gary is definitely ready also.
Every time a commercial comes on the TV about a cruise, he says 'that could be us (salt on my open wound...). And then he always adds: "but you wouldn't like to do that would you??? You would rather work....."
I don't know if he tells me that to make me crazy or tells me that to think about what and where we should be doing next.

It's Spring and we talk this way every year.

I keep telling him that going to Camino sounds like a great adventure to me.....He on the other hand has his sites on Mexico.....
Damn man....
It's spring and everything I think about has its basis in the clouds. The clouds of Camino, my garden and Mexico.
It's Spring.
Things turn green this month. Things start to grow where we least expect them to grow. We let things sprout hoping - even though we did not plant them there - that they might just turn out to be a rare and exotic plant or vegetable or herb.....
And not the noxious weed that will ultimately take over my garden.
(NOTE: Have you ever noticed that every season, we have a 'new' weed that we have to endure? I wish they were the polite weeds that once I pulled one out they would be gone forever.....)
But no: I get the kind of weeds that seem to be clinging to the very foundation of my house and when I pull and pull them up, of course the main part of the root breaks off and I will have to wait until it re-spouts to find it again, usually after it has set a million seeds all over the yard....The Weed.....

And so you understand that the basis of Spring to me is a dithering in my mind that doesn't get any easier or better as I is the time of the year when my mind goes all out ass-crazy with the things I want to get done. Quickly, with effort, and then relax from our efforts....this is fair.

Maybe they have a nice Mexican restaurant in Camino we could explore that serves really strong Margarita's for Gary.....

Ahhhh.....spring.......I need some wine.....

Juan and His Bike
A Note to many of you from Cafe Luna: a couple of weeks ago, I sent out an email explaining about our friend Juan Correa who is doing a 545 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. He is doing this to benefit the the "Aids/LifeCycle" Project out of San Francisco. Juan is a great customer of ours and a personal friend who is committed to doing something with his talents.
A word of thanks to you who donated to his project. Gary and I are both humbled and over-whelmed with the outpouring of generosity that you provided for this event.
Thank you all. You have helped make this benefit happening for real...

If you are intersted in looking at this event, or how to help him achieve his goal, just double click the link below.

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