Mar 7, 2012

This Months Recipe:
Black Bean Soup
Portuguese Black Bean Soup

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I love soups as you may know. I take the most time making soups, doing the "mise en place" (which is the secret to restaurant cooking you know...having everything cut up and ready before you start to do your actual cooking.....doesn't everyone have a prep cook at home???), the laying out of all utensils needed, planning my garnishes, and all the while watching it transform from sauteed vegetables, meats, etc. to this wonderful creamy heaven in a bowl.

This is one of my favorite recipes for soup, something that Garys mom taught me many years ago: building on your flavors. Layering your flavors and making sure each level is properly seasoned. Soup making is a study in patience.

This soup is wonderful just made, but like so many soups, really develops its flavors the next day. It also freezes well. I like this soup as a main meal with some nice rustic thick crusted bread. Go wild on your toppings....and enjoy...Portuguese Black Bean Soup

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